Rare Xano is a 21-year-old videographer based in New York. Although he was born in Queens, he grew up in different parts of Gwinnett County, Georgia. At 16, Xano left Georgia to move to Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, where he graduated high school and did two years at East Stroudsburg University. During his time in Pennsylvania, Xano had made acquaintances with various people surrounding FSG Rell, which would eventually lead to their current work relationship/friendship. In 2018, Xano left Pennsylvania and returned to New York, where he is now finishing out his Bachelor’s Degree at SUNY New Paltz. 

Throughout his childhood, Xano had always been fascinated with cameras, music, movies, music videos, video editing, and anything else he deemed “visually pleasing”. However, until his second half of high school, Xano didn’t realize he can turn his passion into a career. Starting out using whatever he can get his hands on to film (iPods, Flip Cameras, other people’s cameras), and searching the internet for free downloads to video softwares (Sony Vegas) Xano went on to teach himself how to make videos through trial and error and YouTube tutorials. Now, Rare Xano is constantly creating with equipment he bought himself over time and pushing himself to make things he didn’t think was possible only a few years ago.

Recent Works