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48 Weeks

FSG Rell is always finding different ways to express himself, one of the more recent ways via writing a book. Inspiring rapper now an Author with self publishing his first book "48 Weeks". 48 Weeks is a fiction book about a young rapper who battles success, love, family and the street life. This book is a thriller, a must read!

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Ambition Over Fear

Most Notable Singles

My most popular singles are Gucci Prada Fendi, BTG, Fed Up and What You Thought and 2 Different. I think all these singles bring an energy that gets people hype/excited. Gucci Prada Fendi is a song that chorus is centered around designer clothing. Gucci Prada Fendi is my most notable single with over 150K streams on Spotify for good reason. This single is the hype song of the century. BTG is a song that motivates listeners to get up and do something productive with their day. Fed Up is a collaboration of Dahlia Marie and myself. Fed up starts off with a woman’s perspective of how fed up they are with their man. Fed up finishes off with my perspective as man trying to convince the woman to calm down, that how I can still do a lot for her. What You Thought is a big cypher with other local rappers. Doing a song with so many people does many of things. It helps create more opportunities. Also it shows and promotes unity throughout the community. So many people are divided, i believe if we all come together, help each other that we reach heights that we wouldn’t if we were to do it on our own. 2 Different is a collaboration with Philly's own Leaf Ward. 2 Different is a single that details living  in the "trap" while also giving off a bop that any age can groove to.

Notable Collaborations/Co-Signs