Mission Statement

To breed the next generation of music’s superstars

Our Mission

We are devoted to making dreams a reality for artists. We here at FSG are dedicated to not only help our artists financially but to help our artists mentally. The worse thing that can happen is that you make it big and then have it all token away for a stupid mistake or being around the wrong people. Here at FSG THE LABEL we give our artists guidance, we remind our artists of how special/unique their talent is and help them recognize what type of position their in. We’re not only a label, we’re like an extended family member.

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Everything in this picture from the packed seats to the stadium itself and for the performer as well. They all have one thing in common. It took a process to get there and they all had to start somewhere. Your somewhere could be with us. A young but ready powerhouse.



Whether you want to be apart of our management team, sign as an artist or simply want to offer us information. Contact us @fsgmgmt610@gmail.com